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Mission and Purpose

Our Mission, Happiness for All, is founded on 33 years of working on social programs focused on children, families, and poverty. We believe all human beings have a right to happiness. While each individual has a personal concept of happiness, we believe it encompasses certain fundamental and universal ideals such as freedom, dignity, human rights, and opportunity.

Our Purpose is derived from a history of working with the most vulnerable communities in the world, orphaned and abandoned children, and people living in poverty. Our experiences with people in need have deeply impacted our understanding of what matters. We believe in a personal sense of responsibility and duty to find sustainable solutions to the complex and interrelated challenges confronting all people and our planet.

Illien Global strives to create, develop, and promote collaborative initiatives to advance individual and global happiness, especially through its founding of the International Day of Happiness and its partnership with the United Nations in support of the 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development.