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Illien Global™ has been dedicated to working with governments, intergovernmental organizations, global financial institutions, the technology sector, global leaders, academia, civil society, and the broader private sector to advance the human condition, invest in the future, and promote Happiness for All™

Happiness for All

In 2011, Illien Global launched the Happiness for All™ Initiative at the United Nations, leading Secretary-General Ban-Ki Moon to call for a new economic paradigm based on “Gross Global Happiness.”

Happiness is:

Safety, Peace, and Security for all. Since 1980, Illien Global has been committed to promoting safety and security for women, children, families, civilians, and communities in conflict zones around the world.

Happiness for All

For over 35 years, Illien Global has been dedicated to advancing its mission, Happiness for All. In 1980, Illien launched its first nonprofit programs to create happiness for orphans and abandoned children by finding them permanent, loving families.


Illien Global Public Benefit Corporation is a global humanitarian and international development organization that works with government, business, and the private sector to promote human happiness and the human condition. Illien Global takes an interdisciplinary, cross-sector approach to advancing its mission working through its three operating divisions: Illien Global Families, Illien Global Policy, and Illien Global Markets.

Over 35 years, Illien Global has worked in more than 60 countries to support the establishment of strong government institutions and humanitarian programs in key areas including women and children, refugees, clean water, infrastructure development, capacity building, microfinance and social impact investing.

International Day of Happiness

March 20, 2018 is the sixth ever International Day of Happiness. Illien Global is proud to lead this year’s celebration through partnerships with and, the official home of the United Nations sanctioned International Day of Happiness (UNIDOHappiness).
"More than ever before, happiness is a socioeconomic goal, a cultural priority, and the subject of scientific research. An increasingly empowered global citizenry has elevated the popularity of happiness economics, happiness as a public policy objective, and happiness as an approach to business." - Illien Global CEO Jayme Illien | Founder, International Day of Happiness
Illien Global has been creating happiness for over 35 years.

Since its foundation, Illien Global has evolved from an international humanitarian organization to a worldwide organization that works across sectors to promote its mission, “Happiness for All™.”

Illien Global strives to align itself with other campaigns and initiatives led by other companies whose core values are similar to its own.

Illien Global takes an interdisciplinary approach to advancing its mission by working with businesses, governments, NGOs, and civil society to advance global happiness, especially through its management of the International Day of Happiness and its partnership with the United Nations.

Illien Global Families

Illien Global Families has been dedicated to creating happiness for children and families since 1980. Illien has worked in over 60 countries and spreads happiness through a range of initiatives including finding families for orphans and abandoned children, and through humanitarian and international development initiatives that promote women, economic growth, poverty alleviation, peace, and security.

Illien Global Policy

Illien Global Policy is dedicated to advancing happiness for all through a combination of partnerships and initiatives which promote the Global Goals for Sustainable Development, global citizenship, the four freedoms and non-military solutions to peace and security.

Illien Global Markets

Illien Global Markets advances the mission of Illien Global through promoting sustainable economic growth, strong employment that supports poverty alleviation, freedom, dignity, human rights, stable economies and economic policies that democratize access to financial services and global markets for all.


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